The success of our association is measured by the number of volunteers and members and their participation. The mixture of our members and volunteers come from all parts of the world which adds a vibrancy to our community.

Our membership base is very strong, and we currently have 250 members, and we encourage members to bring along friends, family and colleagues to join in and foster a sense of belonging.

We offer a ‘try before you buy’ policy where you are able to join us for 3 sessions as a non-member for the activities you choose. This will enable you to explore what we do and make sure it is the right fit for you. If you would like to continue spending time with us then you are you will need to become an official member.

Your membership entitles you a discount for all activities and events and covers liability insurance, activities and events as well as giving you special access to our mailing list and newsletter which has information for all of our upcoming events and new and exciting programs.

Membership fees are $15 per year and are renewed every financial year, payable annually on the 30th of June.

Our organisation cannot operate without volunteers and they are always needed. We engage in the recruitment of volunteers at all levels to support the common good. Any time you can offer us is welcomed and hours of work are flexible and negotiable with refreshments available on-site.

We engage volunteers from all backgrounds and experiences including retirees, FNQV, Centrelink, students NDIS, workers comp, new migrants, helping to meet their special needs and to ensure that they practice within their comfort zone.

To discuss your membership or to become a new member, give our committee a call or send us an email today!

Fun, fitness, freedom and independence for the over 50’s in our community

Helping you make the most out of life, knowing that age doesn’t have to hold you back